Discover a wide range of experiences during your stay at our facility. From scenic nature walks to sampling delicious local dishes, we offer a complete experience.


Discover a wide range of experiences during your stay at our facility. From scenic nature walks to sampling delicious local dishes, we offer a complete experience.

Walk on Mount Valassa

Circa un’ora di camminata veloce adatta a tutti, un percorso ad anello sulla collina posta ed Est rispetto all’agriturismo.

A route rich in history-the first human settlements date back to 4500 BC-and breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. The guided experience will take you along a wooded loop trail with no challenging elevation gain during which the guide will pause for a few scenic shots and illustrate the areas where the ancient peoples of the pre-Roman era lived. With luck you may be able to observe some fossils on the summit rocks, as it was one of the first European lands to emerge.

Info: walking departure from the facility
Cost: €10.00 per person (min. 2 people)

Two-seater paragliding

An activity that takes place here at Ca' del Monte.

Contrary to what you may think flying in a paraglider is not an extreme experience, it is an activity suitable for everyone just have a suitable pair of shoes and a jacket or fleece to protect yourself from the air

Info and costs: ask at the front desk

Bike-tour with guide

An experienced guide with whom we collaborate will accompany you on the trails in the area.

The experience can take place either on forest trails in the surrounding area or by road. Thanks to the experience of Paolo, our guide, you will be able to ride for decades on roads with little traffic.

You can use your own bike, or rent an E-bike at the hotel or a mountain bike with pedal assistance nearby.

The service must be booked and there are discounts for more than 3 people  

Info: ask in reception
Cost: € 40,00 by person (min. two people)

Shooting Tournament

A fun activity held here at the facility, we will use a freely available air rifle, we will try to hit the jackpot! The winner will enjoy an aperitif (glass of wine) for two consumed in the cool of our gazebo.

Info: takes place at the facility
Cost: €10.00 per person (min. three people)

Guided tour of the city of Pavia

A must stop within a short distance from here!

The three-hour experience will allow you to discover all the secrets of the historic city of Pavia, the capital of the province in which Ca' del Monte is located. The visit is assisted by Manuela a certified guide who will lead you through the tour.
Languages: Italian, English, German and French.

Info: meeting in Pavia with own car
Cost: € 150.00 half day

Winery visit

Oltrepò Pavese and Colli Tortonesi are areas with distant winemaking traditions.

The visit to the winery with tasting is a classic of the area, you will discover the secrets of viticulture, subsequent winemaking and finally taste some of the wines produced.

Info: meet directly at the winery with own car
Cost: ask at the front desk

Truffle hunting

From today you too can go truffle hunting thanks to a unique experience we can offer you with our 4-legged friends. Alex will explain what truffles are, search techniques, training and will answer all your questions. The activity will start with a brief description of the work you will be doing with the dogs and then begin with the actual search for the delicious tuber.

Info: meet in Varzi with own car, hiking boots and insect repellent are recommended
Cost: ask at the front desk

Day at the beach

San Fruttuoso and Portofino!

A beautiful boat trip to the sea without the stress of looking for parking and driving in a car. Depart from Recco or Camogli, stop at Punta Chiappa, stop at the beautiful bay of San Fruttuoso, and visit the beautiful village of Portofino.

Info and costs: ask at the front desk

Whale Watching: whale and dolphin observations

The Ligurian Sea with its high depths is one of the most important marine protected areas where to observe cetaceans and dolphins, a fantastic half-day boat experience departing from Genoa at 1 p.m.

Info and costs: ask at the front desk

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