Paragliding in Ca’ del Monte

Ca ‘del Monte is probably one of the best places to organize paragliding holidays. The South take-off is a short walk from the rooms and the restaurant, while the West is about 100 meters, this feature makes the location a perfect place to spend a few days relaxing just thinking about flying and having fun. We have an off-road vehicle for shuttle service to other take-offs nearby.

One of the best place for paragliding holidays

Ca ‘del Monte is on a plateau at 7oo meters above sea level, with a difference in altitude compared to the landing of about 350 meters, the area is generous of thermals and in the best days you can reach considerable heights that allow cross flights with spectacular views of the hills .

  • HERE you can see the company video
  • HERE you can see some flights made
  • HERE you can see a video of a tipical fly in Ca’ del Monte
  • HERE you can see a video of another flyght site (for Nord-Est wind)

The two takeoffs allow you to fly with winds from the south to the north-west, the best flights are done with light wind from the north. The top landing is a bit technical but within reach of many, just a little attention to the intensity and direction of the wind. The short distance between takeoff and landing allows very fast recovery, also makes Ca ‘del Monte an ideal place for flight schools as it also allows about ten flights a day. On Saturday and Sunday we have a shuttle in service for local pilot and for you.

One week full board accomodation € 299

Another important aspect for a holiday, perhaps accompanied by the family, are the alternative activities that can be done here. Trekking, horse riding, mountain biking and e-bike are just a few examples, on the site you will also have a guide always updated on the routes in the area.

We collaborate with mountain bike guides and instructors to be accompanied or to rent some e-bikes for a day trip. For shopping lovers about 40 minutes by car there is “Serravalle Designer Outlet” a shopping mall made in Italy.

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